As we are all Alhumdulillah in the first week of Ramadan, I pray you all are having a physically and spiritually nourishing Ramadaan, In Shaa’ Allah. 

There have been lots of great advice being shared regarding fasting whilst pregnant and lactating.  Here are some of my personal added tips that may help all the family.

👉Take at least 5 mins before breaking your fast to mindfully make those special duaas.

👉Go for dates (your superfood!) as per Sunnah and water / milk (avoid ice cold) to break your fast.

👉Take your time and chew slowly and take sips. Appreciate the taste and as your thirst is quenched.

ذَهَبَ الظَّمَأُ، وَابْتَلَّتِ العُرُوْقُ، وَثَبَتَ الأَجْرُ إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ

‘The thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and reward is confirmed, if Allah wills.’

👉As your body absorbs those first bites pray salatul Maghrib with gratitude for all that you have been blessed with. 

👉Before your main meal get stuck into your seasonal fresh fruits.

👉Have your nutritious meal/snack/soup containing high protein, less carbs with a variety of colorful vegetables/salad.  Don’t forget to season with an olive oil dressing for those extra calories.

👉Avoid/reduce processed sugars/fried foods, salty foods.

👉Eat in moderation – leaving enough space for air and water.

👉Having small but more frequent meals may be better for you.

👉Instead of drinking large glasses of water in one go – sip throughout your waking hours – keep a bottle with you and keep sipping.

👉Try infusing your water with fruits/fresh herbs/Himalayan salt for that extra kick (and replenish electrolytes)!

👉Enjoy coconut water/smoothies for a refreshing evening drink.

👉Pray Isha and Taraweeh as soon as the time begins.

👉During the prayer have your water companion next to you and keep sipping.

👉Have another high protein snack (yoghurt/boiled egg etc) before you sleep right after you have prayed. 

👉Wake up 1-2 hours before Fajr to make the most of the last third part of the night for your personal and private ibaadah. Wear your best clothes, perfume yourself and pray/make duaa and get those long sujoods in the silence of the night. Tune into your thoughts and contemplate on the One that is waiting to  answer your duaas.  (Don’t forget your thirst quencher!)

👉Enjoy you sahoor meal choosing nutrient dense foods.  Try smoothies, porridge, eggs, dates, herbal teas, milk, variety of dips including olive oil, hummous, honey, tomato, ….

👉Stay hydrated with water, high water content foods and meals like cucumber, melon, soups, bone broth, fermented and yoghurt drinks.  Avoid/reduce diuretics like caffeinated tea, soft drinks and coffee.

👉During the day don’t forget your power naps when you need them – after Dhuhr is great.

👉Feeling low in energy / thirsty – make wudhu.

👉Minimize your physical demands during the day but do get some light movement, stretches, walk and exercise if your body is in agreement.  If you are used to exercising – your usual workout before maghrib or after Isha are good times.

May you have a happy and healthy Ramadaan!

Author Profile:

Born, raised, and educated in London, UK, Fareeaha was involved in science and the medical system during her educational and working years. She is trained as Childbirth Educator and Doula with AMANI Birth.

Living in Morocco and Egypt, she was involved in a positive birth movement, advocating for natural and empowering births whilst going through pregnancies and natural births herself.